Search Engine Optimization that simply works

Don’t fall for smoke and mirrors

Companies claim that they can drive up traffic using backlinking and other techniques to “persuade” Google. Or they think you can “own” or “buy” common search phrases and instantly bump competitors from top slots in results. SEO doesn't work that way.


On-page and technical SEO that actually works

The most important action is aligning your content to what searchers are typing into the search box when they are looking for what you offer.

Finding Your SEO Best Vocabulary

You must know the language a regular customer uses: the keywords and combinations that are common on the search engine results pages (SERPs). That puts you where your competitors are.

A Solid, Inexpensive SEO Strategy

This is where marketing strategy and brand messaging meet SEO. You must get within the same results as your competitors, using your SEO best vocabulary to guide content development.

SEO Content for Real Customers

Once you know how Google and your customers think and what your competitors say, you’ll know how to best build your website and create content that ranks in the correct areas and connects with “ready-to-buy” searchers.


Satisfied Client Spotlight

A 2019 client had a $40K/year “SEO services” agency contract. We took care of some basic actions the high-priced firm had neglected, determined their best vocabulary, and applied it to their SEM/AdWords accounts. The results: page one of Google for their most valuable search term, increased traffic, and better inbound lead quality... all while saving them $36K/year!

Head of SEO

Timothy Thomas has been a pioneer in SEO and SEM. He created and lead the production team for for tabletop game manufacturer Wizards of the Coast from 1995 through 2005. After being part of the initial e-commerce and internet explosion, he moved into technology consulting and project management roles for organizations and as an independent SEO/SEM consultant.

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