Hiring and Partnerships

Contracting or partnering with RolloutSF

RolloutSF was founded five years ago to offer high impact marketing, advanced development, and quality design services to companies, startups, schools, and non-profits. We are busy with projects and monthly client work and want to add new team members who will help expand our services and diversify our team.

Though we are listing the most pressing needs below, it is as important to us to add team members who have expertise in emerging technologies and strategies that can complement, or extend, the services we offer.

Job listings

Overall Roles and Expertise Needed


  • Full-stack/Jamstack development
  • Headless CMS - Sanity, Strapi or other
  • WordPress custom block development
  • Consulting and strategy
  • Front-end developement


  • Project Management
  • Outbound and inbound campaign creation and management
  • Hubspot setup, lead workflow, and other system management experience
  • WordPress management and content creation
  • ABM strategy and implementation, and/or traditional funnel marketing
  • Content and brand strategy


  • Modern design for web, social media, and print
  • Custom design templates so teams can create new graphics on the fly
  • Designer trained in effective web UI

Working with RolloutSF

When working within a RolloutSF team you will find that everyone collaborates and helps to establish an open, fun, and creative process. We put together a different team for each project based on our clients overall needs, chosen CMS, industry being served, as well as the level of strategic communication needed during the process.

We have about 10 current team members and want to add up to 10 more over the coming months. Some of our founders and contractors do projects outside of RolloutSF, and all team members choose their own level of involvement for finding new projects, writing blog posts, or promoting RolloutSF via outbound and inbound marketing efforts.

All of our team members communicate timely and professionally. We discuss strategy and tactics internally before presenting to our clients, and everyone is encouraged to give input.

Contractors are paid by the hour in most cases, but project based pricing can also be considered based on the project, value, or effort needed.

Applying and connecting with us

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. You can email us separately if you would like as well. After we have received your information we will review everything and be back to you within three business days.