The 2021 Economic Rebound


In this post we examine how we find marketing trends, establish strategies and tactics, and detail our exclusive offer for a free “ask the pros” consultation.

A major economic rebound is happening in 2021, and we’re happy to report that many indicators show it could be sustained into 2022. The key for individuals and companies will be using informed decision-making to align strategically with this next phase of growth. Your decisions and follow-through will drive your ability to find stability and growth over the next six months and beyond.

Many global trends are looking good. The U.S. and Europe are reopening their economies, leading to a possible global GDP growth of 6.4%. Additional boosts may come from another U.S. stimulus bill, increasing vaccine administration, and the fact that many companies have pivoted or evolved during the pandemic and are ready to move forward.

In order to make informed decisions you will need to know the trends that affect your business and your prospects. To create a marketing plan for 2021 that will have the best chance to succeed, it’s important to go beyond superficial news and our own perceptions and do a deeper dive into the data. The tools we use for this purpose include Google Trends and Buzzsumo. They help us gain insights into specific topics and to learn what is on the minds of people searching on the web. 

Here’s a simple example: we used Google Trends to look at the use of the word “Sonoma” (the location of one of our headquarters) compared to the use of “Napa” or “Marin.” The graph image shows Napa (red), Sonoma (blue), and Marin (yellow) from February 2020 to February 2021. The two sharp spikes in Napa and Sonoma were related to the wildfires, and the December bump in Sonoma, when it edged up above Napa, was due to coronavirus and holiday shopping. Of course, your discovery process will be more specific and detailed, but this illustrates the sort of data which is out there and which can be crucial to the success of your business.

Buzzsumo Screen

In addition to researching trends it is also important to discover if your assumptions can be backed up with data from experts or trusted online sources. We used Buzzsumo to find more information about consumer confidence and how people are engaging online with this topic. Using Buzzsumo’s “Web Content” and the term “consumer confidence,” the search was narrowed to only California. The results show many articles that included different economic indicators, and also shows how much engagement the articles got from various online sources. This same process can be used for any topic or keyword phrase.

“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”

Marketing actions any company can do

  1. Communicate with prospects, colleagues, current and former customers through all marketing channels to update them on your company status and products or services.
  2. Audit and review your current brand and messaging, then use that information to update your website, social media pages, and marketing materials.
  3. Expand your brand awareness through ads and social media campaigns that will attract new followers and customers.
  4. Research your competitors and industry associations to see how they are expanding business or establishing partnerships.
  5. Create new marketing team processes and set attainable goals for each quarter.

How we prepared

The pandemic impacted many of the startups, nonprofits, and other companies we serve. Like a fisherman preparing for a new fishing season by mending his nets, we prepared for the economic rebound. We did what we recommend you do: we assessed our own business processes and determined what could be holding us back. We examined the trends related to our own business, looked more closely at our own marketing, and revamped our company website and daily workflows. We finalized projects, simplified daily workflows, and cleaned up loose ends to free up time and energy. We deleted old files, closed out unneeded online platforms, and moved our files and systems to Google Workspace.

We can’t say this re-evaluation was easy, but it had a positive side effect. The preparation and strategic planning gave us a renewed sense of confidence and even passion about what we do. We have a better understanding of what we can do for our clients, what problems we want to avoid, and the best ways to achieve the growth we want. We think that confidence and passion will be noticed by our customers and colleagues. The rebound is happening as new companies have found us, current and past clients have engaged with us, and projects that match our expertise have begun.

Start your company growth with a free consultation

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