Tim Thomas

Head of SEO/SEM

Timothy Thomas has been a pioneer in SEO and SEM. He created and lead the production team for Wizards.com for tabletop game manufacturer Wizards of the Coast from 1995 through 2005. After being part of the initial e-commerce and internet explosion, he moved into technology consulting and project management roles for organizations and as an independent SEO/SEM consultant.

His business consulting practice is focused on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and web copywriting with clients in Seattle, Redmond, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. He is fully fluent in connecting business and technological languages to communicate marketable ideas. He has been involved in startup business, information technology, and online media since 1993 and has worked in many professional roles, including positions in Fortune 500 companies and as a private business owner.

Tim has worked with a variety of clients in Information Security, Blockchain Development, App-based Service Delivery, Gaming, Engineering, Consulting, and Non-Profit industries. He also owns and operates an Executive Coaching practice with an emphasis on individuals in technology careers.

Learn more about Tim and his SEO, SEM, and Web Copywriting work at https://timothythomasconsulting.com/


"Tim Thomas has a brain that is one of the most profound combinations of true creativity and analytical power that I have encountered. He possesses business intelligence in spades, is a high level problem solver and, most importantly, he has the rare ability to accurately read and positively influence people. Being partnered with Tim means that he "has your back", the project will be delivered on time, the end users' concerns will have been addressed and the end result will be better than you envisioned it. I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

—Andre Lawless, Lawless One Marketing