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WordPress vs. Joomla CMS Review 2019

Let’s get to the point. Which one is better, Joomla or WordPress? The answer is... both are great for specific purposes and continue to...
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What Bertrand Russell Can Teach Us About Marketing

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings. Facts and logic are the most important factors in our decision-making process, right? But humans...
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Strategic Marketing: Your Brand and Your Target Audience

Dress for success Everyone knows the adage “dress for success.” When you go for a job interview, make a pitch to investors, close a...
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SEO: Three Reasons to Get it Right From the Start

Your website will rely on discoverability by search engines to help drive traffic, sell products, and generate leads. But too often, search engine optimization...
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Six Graphic Design Lessons that Management Needs to Know

I’ve worked with Silicon Valley companies and organizations of all sizes for the past three decades. Here are six lessons about graphic design that...
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Why Your Company Should “Get it Right the First Time”

Every company wants to be successful, but do they know how to become successful? A company might have the market cornered, great talent, and...
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